What is the Local Business Search Result Section?

Local Listings V

Pictured above is a snapshot of the local business search result section on Google. The map features local businesses with their names, addresses and phone numbers next to them. In the world of local search, this spot is prime real estate. A local search is performed when someone uses a search engine to find products or services in their area. Google, Yahoo and Bing are used billions of times per day. Search engines are Internet versions of the outdated local Yellow Pages phone book. According to a Kelsey Group study in 2013, 97% of U.S. households use the Internet to make decisions when shopping locally for products and services.

What is a Local Listing?

A local listing profiles a businesses details on search engines like Google and other major search engines. The goal of having one is to be found online by prospects who are looking for products and services. We know how to get you there!

What If I Already Have a Website?

Whether or not you have a Website, we have proven strategies that can get your company listed on the first page of the major search engines. Because of our proprietary technology and the Geo-Centric Technologies™ trademark, we can ensure that you will be easily found on the first page of Google and the other major search engines!

Why Would I Choose to Hire OBL, Inc. Over AdWords?

It’s elementary. The local business result section (where OBL, Inc. markets businesses) is the most advantageous section on the first page of Google to be in! Don’t risk your hard earned dollars on an online strategy that may or may not work! Rest assured, OBL, Inc can customize an Internet marketing strategy that is just right for your business without breaking the bank!

Why Can’t I Get My Company Listed in the Local Business Result Section Myself?

Because the competition already knows what you don’t. The local business result section of the major search engines is the #1 place to you can be listed! It’s where everyone (and their mother’s) search for businesses, products and services they need – when they need them. That fact is Why you need the expertise of a seasoned SEO Firm like OBL, Inc. A Firm that has the knowledge, expertise and technology to give you the advantage! OBL, Inc. can ensure any business that they will receive the most advanced, state-of-the-art SEO services that exist period.

How Can I Be Assured That This Is Going to Work?

We leave nothing to chance! With our well-defined tracking system services, there’s no guess work, only assured success! From every click on your custom Website to every business call received on your tracking number, we can provide you a fully comprehensive analytic platform*! So, join the winning team, and have the luxury to see all the results!

Don’t You Have to Spend Thousands to Get an SEO Campaign?

Only if you don’t know about OBL, Inc. Traditional SEO firms charge upwards of tens of thousands of dollars per year to optimize your Website, and it takes anywhere from four to eight months to get your company listed on the first page of the major search engines. Our proprietary customized online strategy can have you up and running in less than ninety days, receiving new business for a fraction of the cost! So, what would you prefer?

Do You Need Hundreds of Keyword Phrases to Be Successful?

Another myth. Traditional SEO firms charge out the wazoo, only to tell you that you need hundreds of keyword phrases in order to have a successful Internet marketing campaign! We are here to tell you that is not so. Our proven SEO strategy provides consistent business in the most efficient way.

What About Organic Rankings?

Great question! Although statistics show the majority of individuals choose companies listed in the local business result section of the major search engines, there is still a good number of individuals who opt to choose companies listed in the organic sections on the major search engines! That fact is why OBL, Inc. markets companies in both the local business search result section and the organic section on the first Page of the most powerful search engines, guaranteeing you will receive the best of both worlds!

What If I Don’t Invest in an Online Marketing Campaign and Hope That My Reputation and Word of Mouth Builds My Business?

What if frogs had wings? What if I win the lottery? What if? Let OBL, Inc propel you to stardom in record time and be a winner! What have you got to lose? No long term contracts or commitments! No risk!